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    We accept bankruptcy clients throughout Reno. No office visit necessary. We provide experienced bankruptcy services with personal and professional attention throughout the legal process.

    How Does Filing Bankruptcy Protect Your Home In Reno, Nevada?

    Filing bankruptcy automatically triggers the Automatic Stay. The Automatic Stay can prevent foreclosures, as well as repossessions, wage garnishments, utility shutoffs, and other methods of creditor collection.

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy was designed to give those struggling with debt a fresh start. This includes people who are facing foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments. In Chapter 13, your past-due balance will be spread out over the course of your 3-5 year payment plan. Your payment plan will also include your current mortgage payments, so your home is protected as long as your bankruptcy is in good standing. To learn more about the Chapter 13 process, call our office for a free bankruptcy consultation.

    Saving your home isn’t the only reason you may be benefited by a bankruptcy filing. Our Reno Bankruptcy Lawyers will help you with any type of debt crisis, including fighting a foreclosure. When life circumstances cause your debt situation to get outside your control, our office is here to help.

    Until your house is sold at a foreclosure sale, it’s not too late to save your home. Protecting your home should be a priority for you and your family, so don’t wait to take action. Your home is more than a piece of real estate or an equity balance- our Reno Bankruptcy lawyers understand that and will help you make an educated decision about how to deal with an impending foreclosure.

    Contact Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy And Get Debt Free Today

    Bankruptcy Could Stop A Foreclosure and Save Your Home

    Legal Foreclosure Assistance For Your Specific Case

    Bankruptcy is an effective tool to stop a home foreclosure. Even if you are far behind on payments, or your creditors have informed you they plan to foreclose on your home, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can turn the situation around.

    When you’re ready to erase your debts and take control of your financial situation, schedule your free consultation/debt evaluation with one of our Reno Bankruptcy lawyers. We will help you determine if bankruptcy can help save your home, and the chapters for which you qualify. Move forward with your bankruptcy with the confidence that you and your assets will be protected. We offer free consultations by phone for your convenience.

    Contact Our Reno Bankruptcy Lawyers

    We also offer affordable rates and payment plans to work with every budget- you may even qualify for a post-filing plan starting at $0 down! Call or use our online form to schedule your free bankruptcy consultation today.


    Consult with the expert bankruptcy legal team if you are faced with:

    Harassing phone calls from creditors

    Loss of a job or wages

    Making monthly bill payments

    Crushing credit card debt

    A wage garnishment

    A reposession

    A foreclosure

    Medical debt

    Clients who call upon our services have overwhelming debt caused by life circumstances. We understand that Reno residents are faced with difficult financial situations that result in debt. We are here to help you get out of debt, and our team will be with you throughout the bankruptcy process.




    Check out our online reviews and learn why Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy is a #1 choice for those filing for bankruptcy in Reno!

    I didn’t know how I was going to afford an attorney to file my bankruptcy. Because Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy offers no money down, I called, set up an appointment, met my attorney, and my bankruptcy was filed — and it didn’t cost me a penny upfront.

    Ruth Pederson

    I highly recommend this firm.  They saved my home.  Very helpful throughout my bankruptcy.

    G Perez

    Worth Every Penny.  Extremely satisfied.

    Marta Cotter

    “The most helpful bankruptcy lawyers in Vegas”

    Julia Woodard

    Actual $0 Down Bankruptcy!

    F. Young

    Made my bankruptcy easy. I was dreading going into the Bankruptcy. They made life easier. Thank you to the great staff at Nevada Zero Down!

    Paula B

    “Filed Chapter 7, it went great. Ryan was easy to work with.”

    John and Cindy

    “Very Friendly and Helpful Attorney and Staff.”

    Bradley Orr

    “They are the best at what they do. Honest and Affordable.”

    Casey Weldron
    Five Stars Google Client Testimonials



    You Will Be Debt Free

    Free Initial Consultation

    Affordable Bankruptcy Filing Rates

    Payment Plans For Every Budget

    Trusted, Experienced Attorneys

    Expert Legal Representation

    When you consult with Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Law Firm, your case becomes a priority. An attorney will explore all legal options available for you to eliminate debt. Our legal team will help you to understand the bankruptcy process, and explain your rights as a debtor. Through effective communication and dedication to clients, Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy provides clients with expert legal representation. We listen to your concerns about your debt, and offer legal services that will produce the best possible outcome for your financial needs.


    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy offers a zero money down program to provide an affordable debt-relief bankruptcy option for Reno residents. Our legal staff is available to help you at any time you need assistance with debt. With Zero Down Bankruptcy, eliminating debt is a no hassle, no worry, no stress process. No scraping together money to discuss your case with an experienced attorney at the best bankruptcy law firm in Reno.

    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Law Firm

    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Legal Services

    Contact Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy And Get Debt Free Today


    If you are facing an auto repossession, contact our Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy attorney. Our attorneys help clients understand the bankruptcy process as a solution to debt relief needs. The legal staff at our law firm will ensure that your rights as a debtor are protected, and that you understand the debt relief process as it pertains to your specific financial debt situation.

    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy attorneys can help you keep what is important to you and your family. If you are facing a foreclosure, contact our firm for assistance. Our lawyers give professional advice whether or not bankruptcy is the best option for your debt relief needs.

    A wage garnishment threatens your income, and affects your professional career. First, Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Attorneys will review your financial situation, next, we help you to understand the impact of a wage garnishment. Lastly, our debt relief team reviews the benefits filing bankruptcy protection can provide, including stopping a wage garnishment.


    Our Reno $0 Down Bankruptcy team represents clients across Reno. Whereas, we wipe out overwhelming unsecured debt such as credit card debt. Therefore, if you are unable to pay more than the minimum payment on your credit card statement, or if you have debt that prevents you from making minimum monthly payments, our experienced debt relief legal team can help.


    Stripping a lean in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is complicated.  Whereas, depending on the asset and value, it needs the attention and representation of an experienced attorney. Therefore, Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection provides a means to eliminate mortgage liens on real estate property. Thus, a Consult with Reno Zero Down attorneys is best to understand how to remove a lien from your home in Reno.

    Clients who experience medical emergencies find themselves in financial peril.  Thus, medical debt debtors get debt relief help from Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy lawyers. Additionally, medical bills from illness, surgery, doctor visits, prescriptions, and other health crisis can become staggering. Therefore, our Reno Debt Relief team provides help. Take control of your medical debt.


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