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    Wage Garnishment Attorney in Nevada

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    Wage Garnishment FAQs

    Our Reno Bankruptcy Lawyers take a look at some of the most asked questions from people filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Emergency Bankruptcy in Reno, Nevada.

    Yes. In general, these wage garnishments are capped at 15 percent.
    Wage garnishments are commonly used to resolve these types of debts, and they can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. While most debts can only be garnished at a maximum of 25%, these limitations don’t apply to child and spousal support.
    Most wage garnishments, including those stemming from taxes and student loans, will be stopped by either chapter of bankruptcy filing. However, if a wage garnishment comes from a domestic obligation like child support or alimony, a Chapter 7 filing will do nothing to stop it. Only a Chapter 13 that arranges for full repayment of these debts can stop these types of garnishments.
    Your wage garnishment will follow you from job to job. Switching jobs could actually cause you to miss payments, accrue interest, and extend the length of your wage garnishment. Either pay the debt, arrange an alternative payment plan, or file bankruptcy if you need to stop a garnishment.

    Your wages can be as garnished as long as it takes to pay off the debt. Your creditor may also increase the balance to account for legal fees and interest. Only one creditor may garnish your wages at one time, but your creditors can form a line so that once you pay off one garnishment, another one starts.

    Not many people will receive notification of your wage garnishment. However, your employer will need to be notified of the wage garnishment in order to deduct your pay. This can be awkward and embarrassing for your workplace to be aware of your financial situation.

    Your employer may not legally fire you for receiving a first wage garnishment. However, your employer can fire you for receiving a second wage garnishment notice in a one-year period.

    Steps to STOPPING a Wage Garnishment in Reno, Nevada

    Step 1: Contact Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers. Our attorneys will evaluate your debt to determine if bankruptcy is a good option for you. Bankruptcy will immediately stop most wage garnishments.

    Step 2: Submit Your Documents. Your attorney will provide you with a list of documents you need for a full and accurate bankruptcy petition. You will only need to provide a few documents if you are using an emergency filing to stop a wage garnishment. You will also need to take an online credit counseling course.

    Step 3: Instant Protection Upon Filing. The Automatic Stay goes into effect once your petition is filed. This will also stop garnishments on paychecks that haven’t been processed, once you provide your payroll department with your case number. You will also be protected from collection actions like foreclosure, repossession, and more, while waiting for your debts to be discharged.

    Wage Garnishment Lawyer in Reno

    Wage garnishments are perfectly legal in Nevada, and they are many creditors’ favorite way to collect payment. If you don’t fulfill the obligations of your debt, your creditor can pursue a lawsuit, obtain a money judgment, and use that to garnish your wages.

    Before your wages are garnished, your creditor must first obtain a judgment against you. If you fail to pay the judgment within the specified time frame, the judgment creditor can start the wage garnishment process. There are limited ways to stop a wage garnishment in Nevada. Someone’s income might be exempt, e.g., they live entirely off social security income. If the wage garnishment causes extreme financial hardship, the person may be able to petition the court to reduce the garnishment to 15 percent. Besides passing away or paying off the debt, another option to stop a wage garnishment is to declare bankruptcy.

    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience helping Nevada residents stop wage garnishments, as well as reduce their other debts. Our legal team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve relief from overwhelming debt. If your creditor has or is seeking a judgment against you, or you need to stop a wage garnishment, call our firm to discuss your case with an attorney.

    Contact Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy And Get Debt Free Today

    Wage Garnishments in Reno, Nevada

    Stop A Wage Garnishment

    Legal Assistance to Stop a Wage Garnishment

    Due to the default process, it’s possible to not even realize that you have a judgment against you. If you struggle with debt, you could suddenly end up in a nightmare scenario due to a garnishment. It doesn’t matter if you were taken by surprise by a garnishment already being taken from your wages. Our attorneys will guide you through the bankruptcy process, making simple and straightforward to reduce your stress. Contact our Zero Down bankruptcy lawyers as soon as possible after learning of a wage garnishment to formulate your debt relief strategy.

    You can take charge of your financial situation.

    Once in place, a wage garnishment will significantly reduce your income for months, or even years. This can cause compounding debt issues, which will be nearly impossible to escape from without legal help. Don’t let it get to that point- call our Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy law firm for assistance.

    Wage Garnishment Attorney in Reno

    Reno Zero Down Bankruptcy Wage Garnishment Attorney can Halt Your Wage Garnishment

    A bankruptcy filing can stop most wage garnishments, and can terminate most lawsuits. If you are a Reno resident who has received notice of an upcoming wage garnishment due to debt, our law firm can take action and stop the garnishment immediately.




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    Protections of Bankruptcy: Automatic Stay

    Bankruptcy triggers the Automatic Stay

    Filing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 triggers a bankruptcy protection known as the automatic stay. The stay prevents your creditors from taking any collection activities, including a wage garnishment. During that time, the debtor can reorganize their debt, catch up on payments, and find other solutions through their bankruptcy chapter to stop the garnishment for good. When a garnishment stops and the bankruptcy filer can move forward with a full paycheck, this provides a stronger financial footing for the future.

    Under bankruptcy law, once a debtor files bankruptcy, a creditor must immediately cease and desist from:

    • Filing a lawsuit
    • Proceeding with a current lawsuit
    • Filing a new wage garnishment or continuing with an existing wage garnishment
    • Burdening your home or other assets with a lien
    • Calling you or contacting you in any way to attempt to collect the debt


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